How's it work?

It's pretty simple. You register your website with us and then add your album as a .zip file. Now you can assign codes to give out to your fans. All they have to do is go to your site to redeem their code and download your album. Easy!

I can distribute my music through bandcamp or itunes, why should I use vinylcodes?

vinylcodes is a mom-and-pop shop run by a nice guy from Ottawa, Canada. Just like the crotchety old man who runs the small hardware store in your decaying downtown, vinylcodes cares.

How do I know vinylcodes won't steal my music and make it big?

We are a company run by musicians for musicians! We're all in this together.

I would like to distribute my novel, not an album, how do I do that?

You do it the same way as creating an album, but you provide your book in .zip format.

Can I pay with bitcoin?

No, you can only pay with credit card and through paypal for the time being. If there is enough interest, other payment options could be coming. For more information about paypal, check here.

Registering and using the site:

How do I upload my files?

To upload your file, you must first zip them. Hit the upload album button from your registered websites page in vinylcodes.

How do I convert my mp3s into one zip file?

Check here for instructions on how to do this in Windows or Apple OSX.

Should my book/novel be in zip format too?

Yes, please.

Can I host my own files?

Not at this time but we're thinking about it. If you'd like to go that route, drop us a line at support@vinylcodes.com

What does it mean to host files?

Having vinylcodes host your files means that they will live at our place. They won't take up your valuable space and more importantly, you won't have to deal with the bandwidth issues when your fans download your album. Your internet service provider may make you pay extra if you go over a certain bandwidth and all that downloading action may interfere with your normal internet life - so board your files with us and you won't need to worry about any of those things.

What is a widget?

Check out our Help page for more information on our redeem widget.

Generating and using codes:

How do I buy codes?

Once you have uploaded your album in a .zip file, you are ready to generate some codes. Just click on the "buy codes" button at the top of the page and then choose if you want 100, 500 or 1000 codes.

I want exactly 67 codes, do I have to buy 100?

Yes, at this time we only offer codes in blocks of 100, 500 or 1000.

How do I distribute my codes? Can you print them on fancy card-stock for me?

Not at this time but we're considering it. Contact us if this is something you need.

How do people download my album? What will they see when they redeem their code?

You can put code on your site at a redeem page or direct user to https://vinylcodes.com/redeem.

Will I know if a code gets redeemed?

Click the Send email on redeem checkbox in your Profile page and we'll send you an email whenever someone redeems a code and downloads your album.

Can the same code be used twice?

No. A code can only be used once. If you need codes that can be re-used, please contact us.

Can I customize the code with my album issue number or other info?

Yes! Our base codes consist of 8 digits and are alpha-numeric, but you can customize it by clicking the 'Advanced' button in the assign codes page. This will let you add a prefix or suffix, let you set a custom length and more.


What if something goes wrong?

Email us! support@vinylcodes.com

My friend's little brother said his code didn't work and he needs another one, is he playing me?

Most likely. If you would like to confirm a failed attempt to download your album contact support@vinylcodes.com